Daily Prediction : Aries
Date Range : Mar 21 - Apr 20
Current Date : November 12, 2019
Prediction : Staying home and puttering around the kitchen might do you good right about now, especially if you're not feeling social. Whip up one of those gourmet meals you're famous for, and invite someone over. One special someone.
Compatibility : Leo
Mood : Pleasant
Color : Navy Blue
Lucky Number : 46
Lucky Time : 4am
Showing Prediction For aries


The Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio means that your willpower will be tested today. Do you want to resist the chemistry you’ve been feeling for someone?


Now is the time to complete the project you have been putting off. Mercury in retrograde can be an excellent time to finish rather than start.


Only time can yield results. Stay on track and you can achieve anything.


Trust the journey that you are on, wherever it leads you.


An abundance of positivity energy is creating opportunities on every corner for you, Aries.


Feelings may be hurt today, but it is better today than down the line.

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