Daily Prediction : Leo
Date Range : Jul 23 - Aug 22
Current Date : November 12, 2019
Prediction : Your energy level is running on high -- very high -- so even if you've been going overboard to impress someone at work lately, you won't feel at all tired now. Smug, maybe, but definitely not tired.
Compatibility : Cancer
Mood : Energetic
Color : Red
Lucky Number : 8
Lucky Time : 3pm
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Be patient with love today. Bite your tongue if you feel a fight coming.


With Mercury in retrograde through your sector that rules merged energies sector creativity and self-expression may be lacking. Don’t worry retrograde ends on the 20th and normality can commence.


Be kind to your body and mind. Mental health is just as important as physical.


Take time to think about your previous journeys and everything they taught you.


A conversation opens your mind. This will change how you see things.


You can be reserved but you save yourself for people who deserve it.

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