Daily Prediction : Libra
Date Range : Sep 23 - Oct 22
Current Date : November 12, 2019
Prediction : You know that raise, bonus or promotion you've been bucking for -- the one you've been expecting for months now? Be just a little bit more patient, and keep on doing what you're doing. It's in the works.
Compatibility : Virgo
Mood : Patient
Color : Shadow Black
Lucky Number : 46
Lucky Time : 7pm
Showing Prediction For libra


You may be struggling to read someone today. Give it time.


You may be given the chance to show off your skills in the workplace today. Now is your time to shine!


Difficulties are all apart of any fitness and health journey. Don’t let them beat you.


A visit to a local area will restore your love for where you are.


Luck might not be on your side today. But there is always tomorrow.


It’s time to address an issue that has been annoying you.

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