Daily Prediction : Scorpio
Date Range : Oct 23 - Nov 22
Current Date : November 12, 2019
Prediction : Ready to get your groove on? Bet you are. You won't have any trouble finding someone to join you, either. If a big celebration is in order, pull out all the stops and plan it. Party at your place!
Compatibility : Gemini
Mood : Fun
Color : Shadow Black
Lucky Number : 97
Lucky Time : 9pm
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A meeting with someone who shares the same views and outlook as you will leave your heart racing. It’s Scorpio season, so let that irresistible charm shine.


If finances are unsteady, just make sure you have a budget set aside for what you need. This will help in the long run.


Discipline is important but so too is letting go. Enjoy yourself when you can.


A busy day will make you appreciate arriving home.


If you think you aren’t having any luck, then turn this thought on its head.


The Sun joins Mercury in your sign today. This combination will create a sense of contentment in your body and mind.

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