Daily Prediction : Taurus
Date Range : Apr 21 - May 20
Current Date : November 12, 2019
Prediction : Joint financial matters that have been problematic in the past will finally seem solvable, and not a moment too soon. Schedule that conversation you've been putting off. It's definitely time.
Compatibility : Cancer
Mood : Hopeful
Color : Brown
Lucky Number : 35
Lucky Time : 2pm
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With the Sun inconjunct with Mercury in Scorpio. This is an excellent time to discuss any issues with a partner and sort them out


Speak up. If you have an idea and want to make it work, then show your colleagues you have the passion and the drive to do it.


Don’t let laziness rule you today. A small bit of exercise can go a long way.


You love to experience other people and places. Make sure to keep fulfilling this need.


If people are trying to pull you in a certain direction that doesn’t feel right, then avoid it.


Your charm will help you put someone at ease in a tense situation today.

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